HAM RADIO World - Camping ground East 2 June 25, 2021

Every year at HAM RADIO, the campsite "East 2" is filled with visitors from all over Europe.
During a walk you can (re)meet many interesting people and spend an hour or two talking with friends, even after the fair is over.

This year you have the opportunity to book your virtual pitch online and design it yourself a bit. Our hard-working designers will then build the pitch according to your wishes and place it on the map of the HAM RADIO World. Of course, we will put up a name/callsign plate so that people can find your pitch.

Unfortunately, this year there will be no security service to assign you a place. You will therefore have to choose on your own from the seatmap below.
Please note: As with all maps from Messe Friedrichshafen, south is at the top!
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Legend for the colours in the seating plan:
Grey = already occupied.
Green, red, blue and purple: free seats in different areas of the campsite (left/right/top/bottom of the path).

Location: Online in the HAM RADIO World

June 25, 2021
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